Jun. 21st, 2010

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I saw it again.


I actually snuck out of my house this morning* in order to catch the 10:00. I watched it in 3D, because I wanted to see if it was better or worse.

I don't like 3D. It's stupid, and it makes no sense. The glasses make everything dark, and they're annoying to wear. The 3D just distracts from the movie (not a lot, but enough), and there's no real point to it at all. I liked watching it more in 2D. All watching 3D did was remind me how much I don't like it.

But the movie was still awesome. I managed to not cry this time! Though, I was still very close at the end. The only reason I didn't was because there were people WHO WERE LAUGHING WTF YOU JERKS.

Buzz/Jessie. Holy crap, they're SO CUTE AUGH. No matter what, Buzz is always besotted with Jessie ("Temptress," "bewitching good looks," "My desert flower!" the dances) and it makes me want to WRITE FIC. ♥ Not just any old Toy Story fic either, but Buzz Lightyear of Star Command fic! I want to write where Team Lightyear goes to a planet where it's mostly desert and Old West and they meet Woody and Bullseye and (maybe) Prospector and Buzz sees Jessie and FALLS HEAD OVER HEELS and she thinks he's adorable (which he is). I think it'd be cool if Prospector was the villain, but it'd be even better if he teamed up with Zurg (BECAUSE ZURG IS AWESOME. I love Zurg. HE MADE A CAMEO IN THREE IT WAS AMAZING.) and he told Zurg about how Buzz was crushing on Jessie something fierce and Zurg kidnaps Jessie and has NO IDEA WHAT HE'S GETTING HIMSELF INTO because Jessie is so not a damsel in distress. She'd be so completely unintimidated (at least after she got her bearings. For someone not used to space stuff, even if she's aware of it, she'd probably be completely freaked out about Zurg's appearance. I know I would (if I wasn't in love with him). But she'd so keep a brave face the whole time.) Zurg wouldn't know what to do with her.

Where was I?

Oh, right.

Anyway, I really would like to write this but I probably won't. (If I keep reading TS Buzz/Jessie fic, tho, it'll probably keep building up until I need to write it before I explode.)

So, yeah, I really want to post that fic I wrote about Bo onto FFn, but I'm wary of doing so. I've never actually posted anything there, and it makes me nervous thinking about it. Especially considering I got one comment that was only a sob, it makes me even more so.

I should figure out a better way to end it, tho. It seems like it cuts off too much.

Ah, well.

(*The reason why I snuck out and didn't tell my mom that I was going to the theatre is because we're going to see it when we get to Georgia. We're visiting family for the next few weeks (road trip this Thursday!) and we're probably going to see it with my cousins. I feel just the slightest bit embarrassed that I went and watched it again today, even though I so don't regret going.)
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I posted Shattered Heart on FFn.

I adjusted a few things and added a few more lines to the end to make it more final, but there it is.



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