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Here they are! These are the drawings that I inked and colored on my laptop while I was camping at the beach. I'm categorizing them by how many pictures the character has, instead of by completion date (which, save for two, you can see on the right-hand side of each picture).

Bit of a warning, these are slightly big, so beware, those with slow connections!


Tada! )
I've got a few more uncompleted drawings in my sketchbook folder on my laptop, but I'm not sure when those'll be done, or if I'm going to be drawing anything new before school starts back up in August. I work more when I'm bored at school. XDD

But, anyway, I'll be uploading these sometime this week on my dA account. ::nods::
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Ahhhh, I'm gonna miss the beach, but boy is it good to be home. ♥

Goodness, I got so many drawings cleaned up and ready to post. XD Nine in total. I think I'm gonna post them here in one post and link the entry to [ profile] darkwing_fans before I post them on dA. ::nods::

Also, I hate my laptop. >.< It refuses to charge unless I hold the cord plug in a certain way. I'm probably gonna have to take it to some place to get it fixed, because it completely ruins the charging cord. :<

And I have to type one-handed, which is so annoying, it takes so long!
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You know you might be a liiiiittle too obsessed with Darkwing Duck and the Fearsome Five when you walk into a room, see that the lights must have been on all day, and think not, "Oh, great, there goes more money to the electric company," or something similar, but, "Ohhh, those poor, overworked lightbulbs!"

-____-;;;;; Maybe I should stop drawing the Fearsome Five. They're starting to get into my head...

Speaking of, I really wish I could find that stupid CD that makes it so my scanner can connect to my laptop. I wanna show off my drawings, dang it! DX


Feb. 15th, 2008 09:30 pm
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This is me, posting pictures again. ♥

Look what I've found! :D )
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Drawings from the beach! :DD

Cut cause of hugeness )

Feel free to make guesses on who's who. :3 The Dans should be quite obvious, of course.
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Dear My Wonderful Dan!Muse,

I understand that lately you and my Clockwork/Dan!Muse have been conspiring against me, to try and either make my Dan/Danny ficlets into a Clocky/Dan fic, or at least make me write a drabble focusing on CD.  And I'm perfectly fine with the latter. In fact, I'm probably going to write CD soon anyway, so it's no problem.

However, that's not what I want right now. I was wondering if  you could talk to your counterpart please? He's been annoying me so much lately that I can hardly stand it. It's always "ooh draw me!" "nonono you shouldn't draw that! Draw me!" and so on.

I would greatly appreciate it. So much, perhaps, that I will finally get around to writing CD? :)

Forever Love,


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