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::collapses:: My Junior year of High School is complete, I am officially a Senior now, and I'm going to sleep for a day, starting in a few hours. F-list, I am so terribly sorry that I've been dead for... ::checks:: ...uhm. Eleven months. Yeeesh. I was just making sure that I passed all of my classes, which I did! All A's, but for two B's! \o/

Anyway, other than school Stuff, not much has happened to me in this past year. My Best Friend/Sister/Wife moved away just before Halloween and I miss her terribly still. I went on Two Dates With A Boy in February and realized that I have Issues With Relationships. I flitted from one fandom to another, but now I'm trying to find something to Do over the summer.

I've missed talking to a lot of you. I'm gonna try and get back to posting journals regularly.

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Newspaper got DONE. >w< ... granted, it's gonna be turned in a day late because my group was a very.. poorly picked one. Note to self: be smarter when picking groups for projects.

ILU, Yvz. ♥ You are my bestest friend and I'm so glad we decided to work on this together! ♥♥♥
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First reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I had the perfect opportunity to buy a certain coat today, one that I need for Halloween(yes, I am planning really far ahead. I want to do this, dangit!), only I didn't buy it. Mostly because I didn't have enough money right then and really didn't want to ask my dad to buy it for me(because he had just paid $136 for my new sunglasses; there was no way that I was gonna ask him for something that I probably will only wear once, no matter how much I want it).

It was the perfect coat for it too. It had the right color, and it even had that flap-thing in the back. It did have an icky inside, but thankfully I had the possibility to take that out(zippers! :D). I just might have to go back sometime this week and get it.

Why do I want it this badly? >.> I am going to be Cain for Halloween. ♥ And I will have my Glitch, so it's gonna be really, really fun.

Second reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am avoiding writing that fic for English. It was due today, yes, but I was so unhappy with the ending that I asked if I could turn what I had this morning in then, and then rewrite the end and turn it in tomorrow. I was that unhappy with the ending. T__T

Only now I'm avoiding it like the plague so I don't end up deleting the whole damn thing in frustration. x_x

Third reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am also avoiding my duties as a group member. We are doing a group newspaper for history, and I am not currently wanting to do anything for it right now.


ETA: And let's just say, my self-confidence has gone down the tubes in the last few days. T____T
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Dear Self,

Next time you procrastinate this badly on something this big, I'm going to shoot you in the foot.

No Love,
Your Self
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*Art Project, lineart due tomorrow, of which I cannot do at this moment because I forgot it at school.
*Metamorphosis Part III, Dialectic Journal- subject: Theme.
*Very Important Book Project about One Hundred Years of Solitude, due for presentation in literally a week.
*Also Very Important Creative Assignment, (most likely will not be fanfiction T___T) due in less than a week.
*Stuff not done yesterday because of absence; pre-write thingy about people we've learned in school. Not As Important; but because it's English, Not A Good Thing To Not Do.
*Stuff not done yesterday because of absence; sine, cosine, tangent homework. PS, don't forget about calculator.
*Caricature of a World War II figure- most likely Winston Churchill. Due in a week.

In other news, while I was at Disneyland, I got to hug the Mad Hatter.

Yeah, that was pretty damn awesome. ♥


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