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Went to get my books for school, today. (Only three! Woo!) Popped into the band room to see how they've been doing and listened to an official recording of a song they're gonna be playing. Then I listened to them play the song.

I have never been so relieved and so devastated at the same time in my life. Relieved that I got out of band when I did, and devastated because of what the director said when they finally finished. "You guys may not believe me, but that was a 100% better than before!"

::sob:: They suck. They suck so bad.
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They did not inform me that they would be switching who gets to take me to school today. Usually it's my dad, who works there and has to be there earlier than when school actually starts, so I'm always there early.

Today, it's Mom. This changes my "Leaving the House Time" from 6AM to 7AM, a great whole hour that I could've passed the time SLEEPING. >___>

Ah, well. Now I get to pass it on the computer. :/
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Saw Pixar's Up. It was extremely adorable, even though it had some terribly sad and serious moments in it. D: But overall, I enjoyed it very much. ♥

Went driving some. (I forgot to mention that I got my permit the 15th of May. XD ) It's veeeery strange. And sometimes Mom kept her right leg tense in the corner, as if she was pressing the break. XDD

It's the second day of summer and I'm already bored. I want summer school to start. D:
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::pokes semi-dead journal:: >.> Okay, so I haven't written a journal in weeks, oh well. BUT! There's a reason(or four) that I'm making one now! :D

Second: I will be gone for most of next week(New York, here I come! ::boogies::), except when I'll occasionally 'borrow' my mom's iPhone. (I'll be doing that Monday, Lu, so I fully expect that crossover ready and posted! :D)
Third: My birthday is on Monday! I'm gonna be 16! OMG! :O
And Fourth: Annoyingly enough, my stomach and bladder are being incredibly rude to me right now, so I can't eat anything or think of eating anything without getting nauseous. I reeeeeally hope that this doesn't last for more than a day. DX

Also, I love this icon. ♥s to Lu!
invderlava: (TEA!!!) Spring Break. Therefore, tomorrow the rents and I shall be heading out to the beach. I will not be back until Friday, next week (aka, the 21st).

Hopefully by then I will have more than simply two-halves of random fics done, and more than just bits and pieces of a Jeb application on my hard drive.

Whee! Extra sleep, here I come! :D
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Newspaper got DONE. >w< ... granted, it's gonna be turned in a day late because my group was a very.. poorly picked one. Note to self: be smarter when picking groups for projects.

ILU, Yvz. ♥ You are my bestest friend and I'm so glad we decided to work on this together! ♥♥♥
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First reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I had the perfect opportunity to buy a certain coat today, one that I need for Halloween(yes, I am planning really far ahead. I want to do this, dangit!), only I didn't buy it. Mostly because I didn't have enough money right then and really didn't want to ask my dad to buy it for me(because he had just paid $136 for my new sunglasses; there was no way that I was gonna ask him for something that I probably will only wear once, no matter how much I want it).

It was the perfect coat for it too. It had the right color, and it even had that flap-thing in the back. It did have an icky inside, but thankfully I had the possibility to take that out(zippers! :D). I just might have to go back sometime this week and get it.

Why do I want it this badly? >.> I am going to be Cain for Halloween. ♥ And I will have my Glitch, so it's gonna be really, really fun.

Second reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am avoiding writing that fic for English. It was due today, yes, but I was so unhappy with the ending that I asked if I could turn what I had this morning in then, and then rewrite the end and turn it in tomorrow. I was that unhappy with the ending. T__T

Only now I'm avoiding it like the plague so I don't end up deleting the whole damn thing in frustration. x_x

Third reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am also avoiding my duties as a group member. We are doing a group newspaper for history, and I am not currently wanting to do anything for it right now.


ETA: And let's just say, my self-confidence has gone down the tubes in the last few days. T____T
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Dear Self,

Next time you procrastinate this badly on something this big, I'm going to shoot you in the foot.

No Love,
Your Self
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So, I've been writing a Tin Man fic for English class, because it was a creative assignment and yeah, why not, right? The rough draft was due today, and I had been worried that my teacher wouldn't know what it was from/hadn't seen Tin Man.

Turns out, she has. And altho she couldn't finish reading it cause she was pressed for time (which was good, because I haven't finished it yet), she said she's really looking forward to reading it.

♥ YAY!
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*Art Project, lineart due tomorrow, of which I cannot do at this moment because I forgot it at school.
*Metamorphosis Part III, Dialectic Journal- subject: Theme.
*Very Important Book Project about One Hundred Years of Solitude, due for presentation in literally a week.
*Also Very Important Creative Assignment, (most likely will not be fanfiction T___T) due in less than a week.
*Stuff not done yesterday because of absence; pre-write thingy about people we've learned in school. Not As Important; but because it's English, Not A Good Thing To Not Do.
*Stuff not done yesterday because of absence; sine, cosine, tangent homework. PS, don't forget about calculator.
*Caricature of a World War II figure- most likely Winston Churchill. Due in a week.

In other news, while I was at Disneyland, I got to hug the Mad Hatter.

Yeah, that was pretty damn awesome. ♥
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Because I still can't decide.


Extra elective.

Extra time after school during Marching Season; also, extra time to help out Dad with Football Season to ensure that he'll continue working until I graduate.

More time to work on homework; a good thing, considering the two AP classes I will be taking.

Less stress over practicing and making sure to learn movements/songs.

No sore muscles.


No dealing with Assholes. Surprisingly, they are Very Common in band.

No need to take summer school.

No dealing with yet another new Band Director halfway through the first semester of next year. (Our current one says that he will be staying, but I'm not trusting that just yet.)


Extra elective will most likely be used up by a Language, and not by something fun like Advanced Drama.

Ability to play the clarinet will disappear, slowly but surely.

No Fun Times on the buses.

No Disneyland trip. Woe.

No Clarinet Sectional Story Time. More woe.

No chance to play the Alto Saxophone during Concert Season(not like I had one anyway ::is still annoyed about that::).

The COMPLETE SHAME which will come from everyone else in band.

No more general fun with band friends.

NO BAND CAMP. (which is more con than pro so it goes here)

And so much more for both that I just can't decide what I want.

But at the moment, I'm more leaning towards not taking it, which is making me sad.


Okay, I think I've decided on something.

Next year, I won't take band. But if I don't like that and miss it too much, I'll take it up again Senior year. I will have missed a year, yes, but I want to see my own reaction to not taking band for a year, because I'm also still not sure what I want to do after high school.

... ::nods:: Yes, I think I'll do that.


Dec. 21st, 2007 11:43 am
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Five A's and a duckin' B.

Altho. e__e; the B was totally my fault.

Note to self: study for those damn finals from now on. >.<
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Okayso. The first quarter of school is over and done with. We got let out 2 hours early as a Minimum Day so the teachers could then work on getting in grades.

I went to all of my teachers(except the ones that I already knew my grade in), and found out my grades.

I have all straight As for the first time in my life.

Of course I have to keep it up to when grades will actually count for anything(which will be at the end of the semester), but I am happyhappy!

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Mm. Just felt the need to update, I guess.

The Homecoming game on Friday was... insane. While I could say that I had fun, which I did, I don't really feel like actually saying it.

It just seems like the marching band is falling apart to me. It doesn't seem like there are enough people that actually *care* anymore. The trumpets kinda... suck, and they end their sectional practices a half hour earlier than all of the other sections. They're the ones that need the most practice time, and they don't use it appropriately.

And there are others that don't follow orders, don't stand at attention, talk back to the officers... 

It's just kinda a downer. It was said during band camp that they were going to try making things more fun this year. And yet at times I'm not having fun at all. It's getting close to becoming a chore. I don't want that, but it's happening anyway.

It's just... so tiring. I wanna be done, and yet I don't.

I don't know.

And yet another downer: It was about this time last year that I started doing horribly in English. Only this year, it's not English that I feel like I'm doing bad in. It's Geometry and World History.

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Btw, I am both disgusted and relieved that that narrative essay was so damn easy to do. Disgusted because I could have easily just done it on the weekend, and relived because, dude! It's due tomorrow! :O

Note for self: I've got to remember to never try explaining the things that are crap in my life to my mom. Because it does not help, and makes me frustrated as hell.
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Why the fuck am I doing this?!

Okay, so. I have a narrative essay due tomorrow. That I haven't even started yet. And I'm sitting at the computer, bored and looking for something else to do.


I need to stop being on the comp so much. I think I'm gonna be taking a break. If you happen to see me on and I'm not doing something even remotely school related, tell me to get the fuck off.

And I will ground myself if it comes to me lying to you guys about not having homework . Because I already do that too much to my mom, I don't need to do it to you guys.

I'm really serious guys. I'm half-way into my second week of school, and I'm already shirking my English assignments.

This happened last year. I got an F second semester in English because I simply didn't do the work. I will not get another F in English, fuck, in ANY class, this year. I will not.

Weekends are fine. But right now, I do not want to be on the computer. I need to work, dammit.

See you guys hopefully not soon for the sake of my grades.
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Alright. Since I am at the moment on a different comp and am using a different connection, I will just go ahead and update before I get home and find out if I'll be on later tonight or not. 

So, yes. I have a new bestest friend IRL. 



Aug. 12th, 2007 07:38 pm
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So. I am not allowed to be on the computer after 8 PM. If I am on at any time after 8, I will be kicked off the comp for the rest of the week. O.O

Therefore, my time on the comp will be severely shortish, because I also need to complete my homework before going on.

And considering the fact that on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays I won't get home until after 4 because of band, I dunno when or how long I'll be on on those days.


At least I still have Wednesdays, Fridays(until the football games start >.>) and the weekends.

And well... at least I won't have too much homework just yet.

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One. more. day.

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I.... am at school right now, which is really really weird considering the internet is usually too weak in here to get a good connection.

Eh, ::shrug::

Anyway, I've been feeling really empty, lately. No idea why, I just can't seem to muster up energy for things.

I want a RLhug. E-hugs are awesome but I want a RLhug.

... but I'm still willing to have an e-hug. Anybody? ::holds out arms, waiting for someone to come::

Also, reaaaally weird dream last night. I was surprised that I actually dreamed anything at all. I usually don't. I want my Danny Phantom dreams back!  >.> <.< Or my Dan dreams, I'm not too picky. Oooooo. I want Dan/Danny dreams! :D

Otherwise, I'm gonna hope I have a good Wednesday. I expect it to be crappy, but I hope not.

EDIT: Good Wednesday. I did, in fact, get lots of RLhugs today :D I'm gonna miss my Senior friends like crazy, but that is life, so... ::shrug::

Thanks to others for the e-hugs!! ::glomps you all:: GROUP GLOMP!! :DD


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