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I am never having children.

I just now had to essentially "baby-sit" for seven minutes, and the kid had an absolute fit that he wasn't allowed to go to his dad.

His dad and my dad were putting a little doohicky near the front door so the ravens would stop nesting there, and therefore had to use a crazy-tall ladder. For obvious reasons, the little monster tyke had to stay away for as long as his dad was on the ladder.

I've never had to pick up a screaming child before. I hope I never have to again, but I doubt that I won't encounter one at another point in my life.

I am going to avoid it though, hence my desire to never have children.

I'll be the crazy aunt that spoils her nieces and nephews endlessly, but thankfully won't have to deal with the terrors on a constant round-the-clock basis. :D
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Pros: Being able to jump in and swim with the dogs for 20 minutes after a long afternoon of driving in a poorly air-conditioned car.

Cons: Getting a leg cramp halfway in the deep end while a large-pawed dog is paddling after you.

Owwwie. ::rubs calf:: At least I managed to protect myself from her claws. XD;;
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Ahhhh, I'm gonna miss the beach, but boy is it good to be home. ♥

Goodness, I got so many drawings cleaned up and ready to post. XD Nine in total. I think I'm gonna post them here in one post and link the entry to [ profile] darkwing_fans before I post them on dA. ::nods::

Also, I hate my laptop. >.< It refuses to charge unless I hold the cord plug in a certain way. I'm probably gonna have to take it to some place to get it fixed, because it completely ruins the charging cord. :<

And I have to type one-handed, which is so annoying, it takes so long!
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I'm going to join in in the spamming of everyone's f-list's and say-


Off we go!

Jun. 26th, 2009 09:37 am
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Alright, the 'rents and I are off to the beach(or, more specifically, a campground near the beach) for two weeks. I'll still be able to read my f-list (iPhone! :DD), but it won't be as easy for me to comment (once again, iPhone. D:).

In the meantime... ::checks drawing folder:: hopefully I'll have a few cleaned-up pictures, all ready to post by the time I get back! ^___^

I'll seeya later, all!
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Saw Pixar's Up. It was extremely adorable, even though it had some terribly sad and serious moments in it. D: But overall, I enjoyed it very much. ♥

Went driving some. (I forgot to mention that I got my permit the 15th of May. XD ) It's veeeery strange. And sometimes Mom kept her right leg tense in the corner, as if she was pressing the break. XDD

It's the second day of summer and I'm already bored. I want summer school to start. D:
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::collapses:: My Junior year of High School is complete, I am officially a Senior now, and I'm going to sleep for a day, starting in a few hours. F-list, I am so terribly sorry that I've been dead for... ::checks:: ...uhm. Eleven months. Yeeesh. I was just making sure that I passed all of my classes, which I did! All A's, but for two B's! \o/

Anyway, other than school Stuff, not much has happened to me in this past year. My Best Friend/Sister/Wife moved away just before Halloween and I miss her terribly still. I went on Two Dates With A Boy in February and realized that I have Issues With Relationships. I flitted from one fandom to another, but now I'm trying to find something to Do over the summer.

I've missed talking to a lot of you. I'm gonna try and get back to posting journals regularly.

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Five minutes.

Five minutes where I leave the living room and go to the bathroom, returning to the sight of a dog chewing up my phone.

IT STILL WORKS, YEAH, but the screen is completely gone.


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Holy crap, I'm home.

I'll maybe do a post about the trip as soon as my internal clock syncs up with Pacific time again.

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::pokes semi-dead journal:: >.> Okay, so I haven't written a journal in weeks, oh well. BUT! There's a reason(or four) that I'm making one now! :D

Second: I will be gone for most of next week(New York, here I come! ::boogies::), except when I'll occasionally 'borrow' my mom's iPhone. (I'll be doing that Monday, Lu, so I fully expect that crossover ready and posted! :D)
Third: My birthday is on Monday! I'm gonna be 16! OMG! :O
And Fourth: Annoyingly enough, my stomach and bladder are being incredibly rude to me right now, so I can't eat anything or think of eating anything without getting nauseous. I reeeeeally hope that this doesn't last for more than a day. DX

Also, I love this icon. ♥s to Lu!
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Of Things To Do. :>

-Finish puppy-proofing/cleaning bedroom
-Clean and puppy-proof computer area(aka, living room coffee table XD)
-Complete World History homework-thing
-Start watching Season 4 of Doctor Who
-Polish up two more Sweetheart Challenges and post at glitch_wyatt
-Continue writing porn ficlet
-Get all of the damn Jeb Debut ideas out on Word, PLEASE. DX They're eating my head!

Aaaand, yeah. That's about it for now.
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We(as in, my mom, my dad, and I) went out to look at puppies earlier. The ones we looked at were two girls, black-colored fur with white paws and chests. They're a Great Pyrenees/Black Labrador mix.

We bought both of them.

Obviously, my family is insane, but I sure ain't complaining! Yet.

So, we have two weeks to decide on names. What we have so far, are:

George and Baily
Socks and Stocks
Paris and Nikki
Daisy and May

But we still have two weeks. I dunno, anybody wanna suggest names? Can't say they'll be chosen in the long run, but I'll really appreciate some suggestions! ♥
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Dear Self,

One of these days, you will go to bed early and get more than simply 6 measly hours of sleep.

Apparently, today is not yet one of those days.

Remedy this. Now.

Exasperated but loving,
Your Self
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Because my mom has yet to pull a prank on me, and that's not a good sign. D:

::hiding in a corner:: shh, I am not here. >.> <.<
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I really, really hate Easter grass.

You know, that fake, plastic stuff they put in Easter baskets for some weird reason?

Yes. I hate it. It gets everywhere and is a pain to clean up.

BUT ANYWAY. In other news, I am sore everywhere! \o/ My arm is still in pain from playing tennis on Sunday, my right jaw is considerably swollen-- gums are still trying to heal from wisdom teeth being taken out in January, and I thing, something, food perhaps, got in there and irritated it-- my left leg has bruises on it from something, and my right hip screeches at me whenever I walk!

So, f-list, how is your week so far? XD;
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Srsly. I nearly died laughing at the thought of Glitch being obsessive compulsive.

But yeah. Hay, I'm back everybody! :D
invderlava: (TEA!!!) Spring Break. Therefore, tomorrow the rents and I shall be heading out to the beach. I will not be back until Friday, next week (aka, the 21st).

Hopefully by then I will have more than simply two-halves of random fics done, and more than just bits and pieces of a Jeb application on my hard drive.

Whee! Extra sleep, here I come! :D
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Newspaper got DONE. >w< ... granted, it's gonna be turned in a day late because my group was a very.. poorly picked one. Note to self: be smarter when picking groups for projects.

ILU, Yvz. ♥ You are my bestest friend and I'm so glad we decided to work on this together! ♥♥♥
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Argh. >.<;
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First reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I had the perfect opportunity to buy a certain coat today, one that I need for Halloween(yes, I am planning really far ahead. I want to do this, dangit!), only I didn't buy it. Mostly because I didn't have enough money right then and really didn't want to ask my dad to buy it for me(because he had just paid $136 for my new sunglasses; there was no way that I was gonna ask him for something that I probably will only wear once, no matter how much I want it).

It was the perfect coat for it too. It had the right color, and it even had that flap-thing in the back. It did have an icky inside, but thankfully I had the possibility to take that out(zippers! :D). I just might have to go back sometime this week and get it.

Why do I want it this badly? >.> I am going to be Cain for Halloween. ♥ And I will have my Glitch, so it's gonna be really, really fun.

Second reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am avoiding writing that fic for English. It was due today, yes, but I was so unhappy with the ending that I asked if I could turn what I had this morning in then, and then rewrite the end and turn it in tomorrow. I was that unhappy with the ending. T__T

Only now I'm avoiding it like the plague so I don't end up deleting the whole damn thing in frustration. x_x

Third reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am also avoiding my duties as a group member. We are doing a group newspaper for history, and I am not currently wanting to do anything for it right now.


ETA: And let's just say, my self-confidence has gone down the tubes in the last few days. T____T


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