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The next time I tell my mom months beforehand that I want to go to Comic Con in San Diego and she laughs at me, I am going to throw something heavy across the room.

::sobs:: I COULD HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN HIM! ::makes grabby hands at David Tennant::
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First reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I had the perfect opportunity to buy a certain coat today, one that I need for Halloween(yes, I am planning really far ahead. I want to do this, dangit!), only I didn't buy it. Mostly because I didn't have enough money right then and really didn't want to ask my dad to buy it for me(because he had just paid $136 for my new sunglasses; there was no way that I was gonna ask him for something that I probably will only wear once, no matter how much I want it).

It was the perfect coat for it too. It had the right color, and it even had that flap-thing in the back. It did have an icky inside, but thankfully I had the possibility to take that out(zippers! :D). I just might have to go back sometime this week and get it.

Why do I want it this badly? >.> I am going to be Cain for Halloween. ♥ And I will have my Glitch, so it's gonna be really, really fun.

Second reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am avoiding writing that fic for English. It was due today, yes, but I was so unhappy with the ending that I asked if I could turn what I had this morning in then, and then rewrite the end and turn it in tomorrow. I was that unhappy with the ending. T__T

Only now I'm avoiding it like the plague so I don't end up deleting the whole damn thing in frustration. x_x

Third reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am also avoiding my duties as a group member. We are doing a group newspaper for history, and I am not currently wanting to do anything for it right now.


ETA: And let's just say, my self-confidence has gone down the tubes in the last few days. T____T
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Because I still can't decide.


Extra elective.

Extra time after school during Marching Season; also, extra time to help out Dad with Football Season to ensure that he'll continue working until I graduate.

More time to work on homework; a good thing, considering the two AP classes I will be taking.

Less stress over practicing and making sure to learn movements/songs.

No sore muscles.


No dealing with Assholes. Surprisingly, they are Very Common in band.

No need to take summer school.

No dealing with yet another new Band Director halfway through the first semester of next year. (Our current one says that he will be staying, but I'm not trusting that just yet.)


Extra elective will most likely be used up by a Language, and not by something fun like Advanced Drama.

Ability to play the clarinet will disappear, slowly but surely.

No Fun Times on the buses.

No Disneyland trip. Woe.

No Clarinet Sectional Story Time. More woe.

No chance to play the Alto Saxophone during Concert Season(not like I had one anyway ::is still annoyed about that::).

The COMPLETE SHAME which will come from everyone else in band.

No more general fun with band friends.

NO BAND CAMP. (which is more con than pro so it goes here)

And so much more for both that I just can't decide what I want.

But at the moment, I'm more leaning towards not taking it, which is making me sad.


Okay, I think I've decided on something.

Next year, I won't take band. But if I don't like that and miss it too much, I'll take it up again Senior year. I will have missed a year, yes, but I want to see my own reaction to not taking band for a year, because I'm also still not sure what I want to do after high school.

... ::nods:: Yes, I think I'll do that.
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You made me fangirl over your Evil!Clockwork! (Sure, atm, I have no idea if he's actually evil, but he's evil enough for me!)

I have resisted fangirling Pendulum!Clockwork so far. WHY. Did I all of a sudden, while reading that scene, have an "EEEEEEE EVIL!CW" moment?!


It's bad enough that I squee whenever I see his evil grin in canon! AND NOW I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW BADLY DANNY'S GOTTEN HIMSELF IN TROUBLE!

((I'm most likely overreacting, but I reeeeeeally like your story Lacha. I'm afraid to inform you that I don't find it all that creepy, but it's still insanely interesting. :3))

Gosh. I now have to continue reading to see if I was right.


EDIT: ::scream:: ::scream:: ::SCREAM::

::gasps for air::

.... wow. ... just ....... wow. 


Unsurprisingly, this is sating that little Clockwork/Danny goblin that's been following me around lately and has been trying to get me to write AUs.

.... yus.

EDIT.2: Dear Tan,

I need a massive dose of Dan/Danny and/or Clockwork/Enki fluff, stat!

Love, Nai. <3

EDIT.3: OKAY. So he wasn't evil. But he had evil moments so it still counts. >.>;;

::goes off into a corner huggling her Dan and Danny plushies::

Tan, a description of Enki is needed so I can draw him.

Because I am lame.
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I have so many Pendulum drabbles on my hard drive that nobody except Tan will be seeing for most likely months, because Valerie is being a difficult little booger!

Dammit Valerie! Cooperate already! You're only in one damn scene in the entire story! This should not be difficult for you!

And don't start giving me crap that you should be in the story more, like in a "Val finds out Danny's gay been the ghost boy the whole time!" scene. Because you're a flippin' pancake fairy plot-ish device! You're only there to hurt Dan so Danny takes care of him and then they actually start their beautiful relationship together dammit!

Not for anything else!


Gosh. You'd think this would be easier. Maybe it's because she's so darn stubborn in canon that she doesn't cooperate with me.


In other news, anyone remember when I said that I wanted to end up doing both Pendulum and the Original!Idea?

So yeah, I've started to rewrite the drabble where it all went wrong/right.

Woo! I love Psychopathic!Murderous!Dan!

Nevermind. Apparently I'm never going to be able to write the Original!Idea correctly.

It went quickly from Dan wanting to murder Danny(with Dan having pinned Danny to the forest floor and neither  of them noticing somethiiiiing ::sly grin:: >__> ^__^), to Dan and Danny playing out one of the oldest cartoon skits ever.

"No, I didn't." "Yes, you did." "No. I didn't." "Yes. You did." "No. I didn't!" "Yes. You did!" "Didn't." "Did." "Didn't!" "Did!" "Didn't!" "Did!" "DIDN'T!" "DIDN'T!" "DID!" "HAH!"

Something must be really wrong with me.

I'm really glad I have Pendulum. <3 The fluff(and recently lotsa angst :D) is fun to write. And easy to write, too.
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I will be gone on the 29th (of June). I won't be back until the 13th of July. I'll be at the beach.

I will have absolutely nothing to do. The most I would probably do would be: watch movies that I've already watched 15 billion times, reread books that I've already read, or sleep.

Sooooo exciting(the reason why I'm so mad is that I'll have no internet there. Grrrr.). [/sarcasm]

So, I have determined it is time for me to take a crack at those drabble writing thingees.

Problem? The fandoms I'm in at the moment are limited.

Heroes and Danny Phantom are the only ones really on the brain.

(I also have problems with confidence about writing characters in character. I haven't even started writing for Heroes yet, and that makes me nervous like whoa.)

Well, I suppose if you want something other than Heroes or DP, clear with me first so I know what the show/movie is. ^^;;

I can tell you ahead of time before anyone asks, though, I have no/hardly any knowlegde about: "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "One Piece", "Kingdom Hearts". Others I can't remember at the moment.

Oh yeah, time limit to request is on Thursday(28th). So I'll be able to copy all the requests in Word in time. : )



If I missed anything that would be a good idea to have, pleeeease tell me. I can't help but think this is gonna be a complete mistake...
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Okay, reading the spazzings of the Mylar fans on the comm about the season finale, I have determined...

I am never watching Heroes in the presence of my parents again.

They told me to shut up so many times, and I wasn't able to spazz about the ep as much as I could.

Seriously, I'm disappointed. It would have been so much fun screaming in joy from that ep(despite the lack of Mylar >.>)...
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I am so amused by what I do.

So, the time is 2AM.

I am now starting to watch another episode of Heroes.

I am clearly, incredibly, utterly insane.

Also, EEEE, Sylar's bad Texan accent!! <3<3<3
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My Dan/Clockwork!Muse has withered and died.

Gosh, I hope it revives itself at least when Pendulum is over.

I do like Dan/Clockwork. It's just Pendulum!Clockwork makes me hiss at it in rage.

-_-;;; It's 'cause P!CW is such a bastard.
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::deep breaths, deep breaths:: I am so fucking pissed right now.

My, god.


I swear.

::deep breath:: You know, I truthfully haven't ever said the word "fuck" as many times as I did five minutes ago. Like, verbally, I've never said the word "fuck."

God, dammit.

I am so pissed.


Excuse me while I squeal in RAGE, but after the 14th time of trying to get the garage door down, you'd be pissed off too.

::chomps on Doritos to calm down::
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Get a job. You're almost 20 years old. Get dressed, shave, and go out and get some money. (Though, I understand that you're doing well when it comes to actually going to your college classes. Good for you.) Listen, I don't honestly mind when you ask me for money. Who cares that you ask your little sister by 5 years for money, right? After all, I'm nice too nice for my own good. But you've asked me for money twice in the last week. The first time, I consented, 'cause 5 dollars isn't much to take out of my pocket yet and hey, you needed the gas money, right? But I have to say, I draw the line at $10, and you didn't even ask me for just $10! You asked for $20! FOR PIZZA.

You know perfectly well that, if you want pizza so damn bad, get dressed, get in your car, drive to Little Caesars, and buy one of those Hot-N-Readys. They only cost five bucks.

Don't spend $20 for the rest of your life whenever you want pizza just because you were too lazy to go out and get it. Once in a while is fine, but every time? No.

I love you, but seriously? Get a job. One of these days, Mom is gonna kick you out. Most likely when you get nearer to turning 21. You've got another year to go, bro. Don't waste it, please.

Your sister,
Liddle Loving Lindsay
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So, last night I was panicking cause, "oh fuck the internet's not working, arrrg."

This morning, I had similar thoughts.

Five minutes ago, I blinked and stared at the cable that was connected to the router. It.... was not supposed to be there. I unplugged that one, then plugged in the one that connects my internet.

So, now I have interwebs.

Sorry I wasn't on last night. I'm very oblivious sometimes. ::headdesk::
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::foams at the mouth:: HEROES!!!

EDIT: ::gurgles:: omgsoawesome!

SON OF EDIT: ::scream at episode 11::

EDIT.3: ::explodes:: WHAT??!!! NATHAN!! AND CLAIRE!!! THEY'RE!!!............. WHAT!!!!???
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A. I'm a hypocrite. But I've already known that.

and B. What I've been writing for Dan/Danny is SO FAR AWAY from what it originally was in my head. I mean... reading stuff over, I've realized that Dan really is ooc. After the first paragraph-thing of the fourth drabble/chapter/whatever, everything went downhill.

.... and now Tan has given me a awesome idea of awesomeness. ABUSIVE CLOCKWORK :DDDDD

Then I could keep the ooc!Dan, but he'd have a reason to be ooc........

Eh, I think about it.

((And elsewhere....
"Hey! Where did YOU come from?"
"I'm new here, I was just spawned >)"

EDIT: I'm making it into two different stories. One which is the original in my head.

And the other which is with Dark!CW. Cause that is such a shiny idea, that it can't be ignored. And it is now a new muse which is sending bunnies out to nibble my ankles.

Of course.... now I have to decide whether to write the original first... or the Dark one... or do both at the same time. Hmmmm... decisions decisions.
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Well... fuck.

I want to write more story. But I have no ideas.

::sigh:: Eh, I need to sleep now anyway. I'll ask others for prompts and ideas tomorrow.

Also, I still find MaA!Dan to be a pansy, but the new chapter gives me hope.
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So, on Friday my internet kicked out, yes? And I'm raging and everything. But then I decide, "Oh hey, this is the perfect time to play Sims2!"

Turns out I have to reinstall it. Not a problem, right?

I need that one code "on the back of the box" to install it.

I don't have the box.

Only the case for the CDs.

Which doesn't have the code.


As you can probably tell, I'm very pissed right now.

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I have no clue whether to love it or hate it.

EDIT I want to cry.  Dannnnnyyyy ;_____;

EDIT2 O__________________________O

Neither did I Jack.

EDIT3 I want to scream. But I can't.  Cause my dad's downstairs.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ::wants to know what's gonna happen::
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Holy fuck.

Valerie gives me joygasms.


EDIT: I'm dead. I've died and am dead.  Amy Rogers I love you to death.

Btw Jack is love.
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I wanted to review DP's "Claw of the Wild"
Links can be found at Scribe's journal :)

By the way. I watched "Frightmare". Nocturne's design remindes me of my toothbrush.

Some icecream, a shower, and one amusing thought of Lester being Nathan's evil twin later, I believe I'm ready to take on the rest of COTW.  Lets hope it doesn't disappointanymore.

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"Attacked" being a relative term.  More like, it's been nipping at my ankles for weeks.

But yeah, still annoying.

Question to those who know what to do: How can I get rid of it? Do I have to write it, or will that just make it worse?  I've been trying to ignor it, but so far that's only worked just so so.



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