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The problem with getting into the big fandoms (Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Trek), is that - holy crap, thassa lotta fic! :O

So when I stray back to the smaller fandoms, newer or less well-known, it always makes me sad that those fandoms don't have the same amount of fic as the bigger ones.

Granted, it's waaaaaay easier to find quality fic in those smaller fandoms, but it still makes me sad that there are usually so few of them. :<

TBPH, I love searching for good fic in big fandoms. It's like a treasure hunt, knowing how to find those gems through so much crap. In fact, nowadays I manage to find the good ones without even needing to go through all the poor-quality ones. :)
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I was reading the Darkwing Duck wikis for the villains characters, and came across this line in the Liquidator's:

In "Jailbird", when NegaDuck steals all of his powers, Liquidator kept his altered appearance, similarly to Bushroot. It is unknown why he didn't revert back to his original form.

It's because animators are lazy bums. XD

Also, Licky only gets one episode outside of Fearsome Five eps, which was his origin episode. T___T To an avid bit of a Liquidator fangirl, this is saddening.


Jun. 20th, 2009 04:26 pm
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I just found out that I've been slashing cartoon characters since I was five.

Magenta/Blue from Blue's Clues OTP! ♥
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Why is it that I get my best ideas when I should be sleeping, dammit. I have school in the morning! >.<;

::sighs and runs off to write down a possible Jeb-gets-sent-to-The-Island idea::

EDIT: Two hours later and I have the beginning and the end, but not the middle. ♥ Man, I don't even care if I'll end up using this, I'm just really happy that I'm writing Jeb, omg.

Tin Man...

Dec. 4th, 2007 08:57 pm
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Is completely FULL of awesome. <3
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::slinks off into a corner:: >.> <.<
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You made me fangirl over your Evil!Clockwork! (Sure, atm, I have no idea if he's actually evil, but he's evil enough for me!)

I have resisted fangirling Pendulum!Clockwork so far. WHY. Did I all of a sudden, while reading that scene, have an "EEEEEEE EVIL!CW" moment?!


It's bad enough that I squee whenever I see his evil grin in canon! AND NOW I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW BADLY DANNY'S GOTTEN HIMSELF IN TROUBLE!

((I'm most likely overreacting, but I reeeeeeally like your story Lacha. I'm afraid to inform you that I don't find it all that creepy, but it's still insanely interesting. :3))

Gosh. I now have to continue reading to see if I was right.


EDIT: ::scream:: ::scream:: ::SCREAM::

::gasps for air::

.... wow. ... just ....... wow. 


Unsurprisingly, this is sating that little Clockwork/Danny goblin that's been following me around lately and has been trying to get me to write AUs.

.... yus.

EDIT.2: Dear Tan,

I need a massive dose of Dan/Danny and/or Clockwork/Enki fluff, stat!

Love, Nai. <3

EDIT.3: OKAY. So he wasn't evil. But he had evil moments so it still counts. >.>;;

::goes off into a corner huggling her Dan and Danny plushies::

Tan, a description of Enki is needed so I can draw him.

Because I am lame.
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Okay, I'm back. Like, actually back at home with wonderful internets, back.

And at this point, all I have to say is...

Holy CRAP! I've got a whole lot of stuff to do!

I'll update this journal when I remember what it was I wanted to say.

P.S. I'm probably not gonna be on AIM till tomorrow. I love you guys, but I really need to clean out my inbox. 9_6

EDIT: Okay, I only got those 6 drabbles done. >.> And some are kinda short. However, I got at least one done for everybody, which I'm glad of.

And as a note, I'm gonna be working on the leftover drabbles every once in a while. So, yeah.

I drew on MS Paint a lot during the first week, but my laptop-pen thing stopped working last Friday, which made me sad. T___T

I never got any Superman (T_____________T), but I got some New York Super Fudge Chunk. : )

Tan: I wrote some Pendulum, and I'll send it to you tomorrow. And the drawings cause of Dan/Danny-ness and Chronoclast! And ... uh... >__>;;;; other stuff that I really feel that I should be shot for, but it wasn't a serious brain-thought. But I'm proud of how it turned out! :DD

Half-way finished with cleaning, but I'm gonna go to a goodbye party soon....

Ah, well. I'm gonna go ahead and get on anyway.

Hmmm, what else, what else...

Can't think of anything. Will edit whenever.
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Libraries are awesome, just so's you guys know. ^___^

Yes. I will be checking what I've missed so far and all sortsa crap.

And when my 54 minutes are up, I'll shall be going to the book store and I will look for Terry Prachett books! WEEE!

P.S. Oh Taaaaaaaan >3 I'm going to Dairy Queen and guess what I'm going to be having! :DDDDD


EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I've gotten though.... 5 or 6 drabble requests so far. ^____^


::cough:: Yeah, I'm hyper and I haven't even had any ice cream yet. Sheesh. 9__9;;
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So, I'm on a PocketPC that my mom owns that I didn't even know existed.

No. I won't be on at all. But I just wanted to post this cause I can. :D
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Okay, reading the spazzings of the Mylar fans on the comm about the season finale, I have determined...

I am never watching Heroes in the presence of my parents again.

They told me to shut up so many times, and I wasn't able to spazz about the ep as much as I could.

Seriously, I'm disappointed. It would have been so much fun screaming in joy from that ep(despite the lack of Mylar >.>)...
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I love my new layout!!

Made by janine42584!


Jun. 13th, 2007 08:11 pm
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Tho, being a zombie and eating people would be sorta cool....

But still.

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That was very very very weird. O.O It got all windy all of a sudden. Like, sound rushing by the window, windy. Looking up at the window and seeing dust and dirt and trash flying by, windy.

Weird like whoa.

'Cause now it's not windy at all. Okay, a small breeze, but not like it was a minute ago.

o.O Weird.
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♫When the Devil is too busy,
And Death's a bit too much,
They call on me, by name you see
For my special touch.
To the gentleman I'm Miss Fortune,
To the ladies I'm Sir Prize.
But call me by any name,
Anyway, it's all the same.

I'm the fly in your soup,
I'm the pebble in your shoe,
I'm the pea beneath your bed,
I'm a bump on every head,
I'm the peel on which you slip,
I'm a pin in ev'ry hip,
I'm the thorn in your side,
Makes you wriggle and writhe.

And it's so easy when you're evil.
This is the life, you see, the devil tips his hat to me.
I do it all because I'm evil.
And I do it all for free;
Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need. ♫



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♫ It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you... ♫
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Could someone direct me to where to make a wishlist, please? 'Cause I have no idea where it's at.
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One, two, three o' clock, four o' clock rock,
Five, six, seven o' clock, eight o' clock rock,
nine, ten, eleven o' clock, twelve o' clock rock,
we're gonna rock around the clock tonight

>.> <.< ^____^
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There is a mouse in my room.


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