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My dad and I went to the Animal Control Center of our city (otherwise known as the Pound) to renew our dogs' licenses, and while we were there, there were five adorable puppies it a large plastic container. Turns out that someone had abandoned the whole litter of six week old puppies. I looked at them, these five small bundles of fur and tongue and interest in the world, and thought, "How the hell could someone abandon these faces?"

If we didn't already have two rambunctious dogs at home, I would've begged to get one. I hope they manage to get good homes, the poor things. D:
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Five minutes.

Five minutes where I leave the living room and go to the bathroom, returning to the sight of a dog chewing up my phone.

IT STILL WORKS, YEAH, but the screen is completely gone.


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First reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I had the perfect opportunity to buy a certain coat today, one that I need for Halloween(yes, I am planning really far ahead. I want to do this, dangit!), only I didn't buy it. Mostly because I didn't have enough money right then and really didn't want to ask my dad to buy it for me(because he had just paid $136 for my new sunglasses; there was no way that I was gonna ask him for something that I probably will only wear once, no matter how much I want it).

It was the perfect coat for it too. It had the right color, and it even had that flap-thing in the back. It did have an icky inside, but thankfully I had the possibility to take that out(zippers! :D). I just might have to go back sometime this week and get it.

Why do I want it this badly? >.> I am going to be Cain for Halloween. ♥ And I will have my Glitch, so it's gonna be really, really fun.

Second reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am avoiding writing that fic for English. It was due today, yes, but I was so unhappy with the ending that I asked if I could turn what I had this morning in then, and then rewrite the end and turn it in tomorrow. I was that unhappy with the ending. T__T

Only now I'm avoiding it like the plague so I don't end up deleting the whole damn thing in frustration. x_x

Third reason that I am really, really not happy with myself right now:

I am also avoiding my duties as a group member. We are doing a group newspaper for history, and I am not currently wanting to do anything for it right now.


ETA: And let's just say, my self-confidence has gone down the tubes in the last few days. T____T
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I.... am at school right now, which is really really weird considering the internet is usually too weak in here to get a good connection.

Eh, ::shrug::

Anyway, I've been feeling really empty, lately. No idea why, I just can't seem to muster up energy for things.

I want a RLhug. E-hugs are awesome but I want a RLhug.

... but I'm still willing to have an e-hug. Anybody? ::holds out arms, waiting for someone to come::

Also, reaaaally weird dream last night. I was surprised that I actually dreamed anything at all. I usually don't. I want my Danny Phantom dreams back!  >.> <.< Or my Dan dreams, I'm not too picky. Oooooo. I want Dan/Danny dreams! :D

Otherwise, I'm gonna hope I have a good Wednesday. I expect it to be crappy, but I hope not.

EDIT: Good Wednesday. I did, in fact, get lots of RLhugs today :D I'm gonna miss my Senior friends like crazy, but that is life, so... ::shrug::

Thanks to others for the e-hugs!! ::glomps you all:: GROUP GLOMP!! :DD
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I need a hug.
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Dear Mr. Computer,

I understand that there is some file missing or corrupted or whatever >___>
However, can you please start working now?
I need to do stuff.

Absolutely no love,

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So, in English, we have to write a (minimum) six paragraph, persuasive essay on environmental issues. I'm planning to write about using alternative fuels instead of coal and oil and stuff like that. I need three topics to ague with(I already have my rebuttal topic) and I only have "alternatives for car fuel."  Does anybody have suggestions for any argumental topics?

Also, the subject title refers to when our class was deciding on what to write and stuff.  Reading about all this stuff made me want to take over the world just so's I could fix it.  ::sigh::

It's all depressing 'cause it's true.


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