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Dear Star Trek,

I hate you so much. You've completely ruined me. Every single time someone says, "Let me help," in fic, it doesn't even need to be Star Trek itself, I FREAK OUT and get all sorts of warm fuzzys and giggle like a little girl.

Every. Single. Time.

god DAMNIT GAAAH! ::flails::

Love, Lava
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So, an update on me fandom-wise.

I've been going through Star Trek for the first time, ever since I rewatched the '09 movie on the way back from Georgia in July and then I started reading '09 fanfic. I've since been watching The Original Series on and off for the past few months (reading along with Brittany Diamond's amazing analyzation of the Kirk/Spock pairing through the TOS series), and though I've only watched the movies up to half-way through the Final Frontier and the TOS series up to the third season, I decided to start watching The Next Generation. Mostly because my mom loves Data, and she likes TNG the best.

I've started to watch Encounter at Fairpoint, which I believe is the actual first episode of TNG.

I've gone through the episode finding it kinda boring, even though I really like Data so far and I'll admit Riker is kinda cute, but there was one point where I freaked out.

Cut for length )

But, yeah. Anyway, I started college, which is so much better than high school it's almost ridiculous. I've been taking Chemistry 100, English 101, College Algebra, and Digital Imaging. Chem is by far my favorite class cause it's the only class I have on Mondays and Wednesdays and the other three are all bunched together on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



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