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Well, in light of the "finale" on Monday, I'm going to try and force myself to rewatch season 2.

::sigh:: I wish it didn't have to be that I've gotta force myself.

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Okay, I've decided to stop fretting over these drabbles and just post them. I hope you all will like them, even if you didn't request them. : )

Warning: Possibilities of massive amounts of OOCness. I'm not sure. This is why I've been fretting over them so much.

Sandy! )








and Sora's:


I'm still waiting for people to guess which one I wrote first, ya know. :D

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Okay, reading the spazzings of the Mylar fans on the comm about the season finale, I have determined...

I am never watching Heroes in the presence of my parents again.

They told me to shut up so many times, and I wasn't able to spazz about the ep as much as I could.

Seriously, I'm disappointed. It would have been so much fun screaming in joy from that ep(despite the lack of Mylar >.>)...
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I am so amused by what I do.

So, the time is 2AM.

I am now starting to watch another episode of Heroes.

I am clearly, incredibly, utterly insane.

Also, EEEE, Sylar's bad Texan accent!! <3<3<3
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The Mylar(I'm still not used to that name. Give me two days of constant reading and then I will be :D) Community is a scary yet interesting place.

"The Sylar/Mohinder/Molly family dynamic."


EDIT: Also, why do I keep wanting to make jokes about Sylar's dad being a zombie? It really doesn't make any sense. Besides the fact that he eats brains but, come on!

No sense at all!
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How bad is it, that, when I get to episode 16, my mind immediately starts slashing Mohinder and Syler? It doesn't even make any sense. I swear, I don't mean for these things to happen! They just do!!  >__<
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::foams at the mouth:: HEROES!!!

EDIT: ::gurgles:: omgsoawesome!

SON OF EDIT: ::scream at episode 11::

EDIT.3: ::explodes:: WHAT??!!! NATHAN!! AND CLAIRE!!! THEY'RE!!!............. WHAT!!!!???


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