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Yeah, I'm shocked too! :DD

Title: Lack of Understanding
Fandom: Danny Phantom, which I do not own.
Rating: G. Absolutely nothing happens.
Warnings: See Rating.

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Wheee! I've missed writing for this story!
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Title: A Day In The Unlife

A/N: Happy Birthday Tan! :D I hope you like eet.

Fandom: Danny Phantom. It is in the Pendulum universe. Yes. >.> <.<

Rating: PG for guy/guy kissing, but I really think it’s G.

Warnings: >.> There are parts about this that we haven’t even gotten to and revealed in Pendulum, but I know that Tan will get it at least. <.< And it’s not mentioned directly, but it’s really obvious that there’s been mpreg. Yes, I did go there, but it isn’t exactly canon at this moment. Pendulum has been kinda indecisive on what exactly it wants to canonically happen after Clockwork is not-killed.  ANYWAY…


The thing with this story idea is that it wants Bad Things to happen. Very, very Bad Things.

You know. Death type things.

It makes me glee and wibble at the same time. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday Tan! :D

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When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

1. This is from a forever ago. Back when I was obsessively into Vargas. It's only the second half(the part that I didn't lose cause it's up on dA) of what I wrote, but meh.

Number 1 )

I am surprised and yet pleased that I still love this, even after over a year. Man, it makes me wanna reread the chapters of Vargas again!

2. Pendulum. Duh.

Numbah 2 )

3. The "Rewrite" that went down. ... Cut off before it started going down, of course. :D;

Num. 3 )

And that'll be it.

In other news, I have no band camp tomorrow, and I'll only be going there at noon on Friday.

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You made me fangirl over your Evil!Clockwork! (Sure, atm, I have no idea if he's actually evil, but he's evil enough for me!)

I have resisted fangirling Pendulum!Clockwork so far. WHY. Did I all of a sudden, while reading that scene, have an "EEEEEEE EVIL!CW" moment?!


It's bad enough that I squee whenever I see his evil grin in canon! AND NOW I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW BADLY DANNY'S GOTTEN HIMSELF IN TROUBLE!

((I'm most likely overreacting, but I reeeeeeally like your story Lacha. I'm afraid to inform you that I don't find it all that creepy, but it's still insanely interesting. :3))

Gosh. I now have to continue reading to see if I was right.


EDIT: ::scream:: ::scream:: ::SCREAM::

::gasps for air::

.... wow. ... just ....... wow. 


Unsurprisingly, this is sating that little Clockwork/Danny goblin that's been following me around lately and has been trying to get me to write AUs.

.... yus.

EDIT.2: Dear Tan,

I need a massive dose of Dan/Danny and/or Clockwork/Enki fluff, stat!

Love, Nai. <3

EDIT.3: OKAY. So he wasn't evil. But he had evil moments so it still counts. >.>;;

::goes off into a corner huggling her Dan and Danny plushies::

Tan, a description of Enki is needed so I can draw him.

Because I am lame.
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Okay, I've decided to stop fretting over these drabbles and just post them. I hope you all will like them, even if you didn't request them. : )

Warning: Possibilities of massive amounts of OOCness. I'm not sure. This is why I've been fretting over them so much.

Sandy! )








and Sora's:


I'm still waiting for people to guess which one I wrote first, ya know. :D

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Drawings from the beach! :DD

Cut cause of hugeness )

Feel free to make guesses on who's who. :3 The Dans should be quite obvious, of course.
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the downfall of your fandom
by skuldchan
How it happened:You fandom was invaded by the slash fangirls, the doom of all mankind


the downfall of your fandom
by skuldchan
How it happened:The constant influx of bad fanfiction caused everyone to lose interest

I am SO amused. XD
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I'm gonna be getting my braces off today! WEE!

Man, It's 8:30AM and I am sooo Hungary hungry right now. But alas, for I can't eat yet, as, along with going to the orthodontist, I am going to the doctors to get my blood tested!

How fun.

.....I'm still hungry. ::eats an internet:: Munchmunch.

Also, random thought I got while watching Click: wouldn't it be funny if Clockwork(coughTimeMastercough >.>) had some room or a garage even where he had aaaaaall the objects that had to do with Time Travel(or controlling Time) stored away? Like, the Delorean from Back to the Future, the remote control from Click, etc. etc. etc. cause there's a whole lot that I can't think of right now.

Just a funny thought I had.
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::boogies:: Riiiight after the porn. :DD

((EDIT 7/26/07: Added title for ease of sorting.))

 Title: Trust

I <3 P!Danny

Because dammit. Danny has the biggest damn heart in this fic. I swear.
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This was role played by myself and Tan, then written as is, because I have yet to learn how to write good porns.

EDIT: Hopefully, I fixed a lot of the bad tenses. It should be much better on the eye to read, now. :)

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I want to post a teaser! :DDD

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::pokes icon!Danny:: Why, yes, dear boy. I did touch your cookies. :D Mmmmmmmmmmm. Coooooookiessssss.

Okay, on to business.

Also, a liiiiittle snippet of Pendulum that just spawned on the way home from school.

::pokes Tan:: I must speak with you about something soon, kay?

And to everyone else: That is all you get for now! The epilogue of cute and fluff is still forrrrming in my braaaainmeats. 

WOO! I gets to do most of the fluffy stuff that actually does exists in Pendulum! So far, it's only at the end. :DDD
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Because Tanarill is awesome. ::glomp::


Er- yeah. This is only gonna be part of the prologue.

"Only part?" you ask.

Why yes. I'm planning to have all of the little happenings in Dark!CW's tower aaaall be before the actual story.

::waves at Tan:: Which means your little section gets to be canon! WOOT! :DDD


May. 7th, 2007 12:00 am
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This dark!story (which shall now and forevernore be refered to as "Pendulum") is gonna end up being CREEPY.

Cause WOAH.

I'm frightening myself. And I've hardly even STARTED YET!!
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A. I'm a hypocrite. But I've already known that.

and B. What I've been writing for Dan/Danny is SO FAR AWAY from what it originally was in my head. I mean... reading stuff over, I've realized that Dan really is ooc. After the first paragraph-thing of the fourth drabble/chapter/whatever, everything went downhill.

.... and now Tan has given me a awesome idea of awesomeness. ABUSIVE CLOCKWORK :DDDDD

Then I could keep the ooc!Dan, but he'd have a reason to be ooc........

Eh, I think about it.

((And elsewhere....
"Hey! Where did YOU come from?"
"I'm new here, I was just spawned >)"

EDIT: I'm making it into two different stories. One which is the original in my head.

And the other which is with Dark!CW. Cause that is such a shiny idea, that it can't be ignored. And it is now a new muse which is sending bunnies out to nibble my ankles.

Of course.... now I have to decide whether to write the original first... or the Dark one... or do both at the same time. Hmmmm... decisions decisions.
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((EDIT 7/26/07: Added title for ease of sorting.))

::boogies:: More Dan/Danny!! WOOOT

Title: Monster

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More CW/Dan drabbles! :D


Once, Dan had made the mistake of eating his own cooking. His stomach ended up hating him and his mind had been cloudy for several days afterward.

It was during one of those days that Dan could’ve sworn that someone had given him some medicine, had comforted him, and had stayed with him until he became lucid again.

But… who would care enough about him to do that?

Only the ticks of the clocks in his room answered.


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Because I'm needing to write Dan/Clockwork drabbles.

I find this one corny. Is it just me?


Dan hated Clockwork. That was a fact of un-life.

But there were times when the Time Master lowered Dan’s defenses. Only by just a little bit, but enough that Clockwork surely knew it.

One of those times was when Dan was sent out on an errand and had found a little kitten.  

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Oooooh.  :D

Sex scene for the WIN.

Also, yeah. It's the same bunny as the last drabble. It hasn't gone away yet. I might be able to practice certain STUFF on Dan >)




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