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::falls to knees and cries out like a proper 'Vader::


EDIT, 15 minutes later: FALSE ALARM. ::breathes::

This incident, of course, only prompted me to actually back up my files onto my hard drive. ::terribly lazy, but now terribly terrified::
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It is so complicated having old as hell computers.

We have two older desktop computers, one that's on the brink of its final death so it's pretty slow (also because it has crashed at least twice before), and the other, while still mostly functional, refuses to open its CD drive at all.

So, for someone who wants to upload my tablet on at least one computer, it's pretty much impossible. The slow one takes forever and a day to upload things ((I'm nearly afraid to try to upload my scanner, because I'm pretty certain that the poor computer will freeze and crash in the attempt!)), and trying to get the CD drive to open on the other is almost laughable. And that one still has photoshop, too...

To add to the joy that is technology... trying to hold the power cord for the laptop is becoming nearly impossible. We think (cause we asked a store clerk about it while we were at Costco) that the power-thingy came un-soldered, and as no one in my family is very adept at that kind of stuff, we're kinda outta luck for fixing it, unless we wanna pay several hundred dollars for it...

((Also, I, ah, tried to fix it myself a few days ago by taking the computer apart and, not knowing that I would need to solder the thing, try to do whatever I needed to do to fix it. I, being incredible NON-tech savvy, failed to even take the computer entirely apart and only got a non-working keyboard out of the deal. T___T ))

Well... at least we bought a new desktop computer today, even though my mom will be hogging it most of the time.

EDIT Dear Windows Vista,

Because you refuse to acknowledge my Wacom Tablet...

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Ahhhh, I'm gonna miss the beach, but boy is it good to be home. ♥

Goodness, I got so many drawings cleaned up and ready to post. XD Nine in total. I think I'm gonna post them here in one post and link the entry to [ profile] darkwing_fans before I post them on dA. ::nods::

Also, I hate my laptop. >.< It refuses to charge unless I hold the cord plug in a certain way. I'm probably gonna have to take it to some place to get it fixed, because it completely ruins the charging cord. :<

And I have to type one-handed, which is so annoying, it takes so long!
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I am going to bash my computer into the ground.

And then I'm gonna get a fucking new one.

EDIT: That's it. That's the last fucking straw. Dammit, Mom. We need to get a new god damn computer.

To the A_S peeps: The comp I'm on right now has no Trill, and I'm not allowed to download it. Downstairs, my brother's comp has AIM, but no internet connection.

I am so pissed right now.

I will most definitely not be on until my dad comes home with the laptop.

Fucking hell.


Jun. 15th, 2007 10:28 am
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My computer got a virus. Again. And my mom restarted the computer.


So now, I'm Freaking cause I don't know if I still have Microsoft Word.

Which had all my drabbles and my and Tan's rp-to-drabble fics and our conversations that I wanted to reread so I could keep track of our ideas for Pendulum.

And I don't know if Trillian is still here. I need to go look for it.

Divx and my tablet programs are, but I'm not seeing Word or Trill.


EDIT: Okay, Word needs to be reinstalled. Don't know for sure if it'll have all the files still, but....

And I still can't find Trill. I'm probably gonna have to reinstall that, too.

::whines in despair::
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Dear Mr. Scanner/Printer/Copier,

I hate you. Start working please.

No Love,
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Dear Mr. Computer,

I understand that there is some file missing or corrupted or whatever >___>
However, can you please start working now?
I need to do stuff.

Absolutely no love,



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