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Mostly 'cause I'm bored.

I've gotten through half of the 7th book of Oz, The Patchwork Girl of Oz. I still find Scraps/Scarecrow incredibly adorable, and their interactions in the book are so sweet. :3 Although, I've come to realize that there are the kind of OTPs that, even though you love them unconditionally, you won't look for/write fanfition about them. Like Tigger/Rabbit.
It's rather interesting.

Also, I've been sucked slightly into the Glitch/DG part of the Tin Man fandom, and it's completely the fault of this awesome stupid fic. It's so far beyond adorable, my goodness. XD;

Although, after I finished reading what's been written so far, I actually had trouble reading Glitch/Cain. WTF? That actually worries me. D: I'm going to have to avoid Glitch/DG for a while.*

One more thing for now about the land of Oz: Emerald City of Oz so far is my absolute favorite, simply because I love Utensia to death. That chapter has so many puns in it, I swear. XDD

I miss watching Monk. My mom had me watch a recorded episode(DVRs are awesome! :D) of the show with her today while the internet was being wonky, and I realized suddenly how much I miss watching the episodes and guessing the murderers and such. :< I want the season DVDs now, but I'd settle for even season 2, even though I like Natalie much better than Sharona.

*I'm not trying to bash the pairing or anything. I actually find it adorable, it's just not my OTP. It's not one of the pairings that really stood out for me when I watched Tin Man for the first time. (Cain/DG did, but the second the words "Good morning, Sweetheart" were uttered, I jumped on the Cain/Glitch bandwagon and have forevermore preferred Cain/DG in the paternal way. XD)
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My brain hates me.

And dammit all, Tin Man and all of the frickin' Oz books have devoured my soul. ::flails::


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