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Today was rather average. It was our band director's birthday today so we had cake, but that was about it.


In other news... >.> <.< I'm gonna be gone from tomorrow(Thursday/02) to Tuesday(07).

I promise that this is the last multiple-day trip for a while that I know of!

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My gosh was I sore this morning.

I have to say, today was very much full of fun.

Was very greatful that today was cloudy. Sure, it upped the chances of getting a sunburn, but it was at least nice and shady.

The run today wasn't as bad as yesterday's. I switched between jogging and speed walking a lot. It made it much easier.

And apparently, I'm much better at push-ups than I thought I was. I was made into an example. I found it interesting that I do better push-ups than the boys. However, those are only "five or ten at a time" push-ups. Getting to twenty is a challenge to me.

I got a popcicle!

My friend and I found the new Freshman lunch spot. It's now in the multi-purpose room. Last year it was in a hallway. Mish-mo(my friend. that's not her real name, but it's an inside joke between us that took on a name form) and I are going to be going there now to bug them. :3

I must now memorize the Fight Song!

My gosh am I sore right now.
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First Day of Band Camp:

It was.... grueling. But fun.

The moment I walked into the band room I was all: "HI EVERYBODY!!!!"

I do this. I scream hi to people. However, I only do this in band. : )

Running SUCKS, and I don't look forward to tomorrow's run. Cause it sucked. I am in no way physically fit, and I Did Not Like that run at ALL.

For lunch I had.... half of a pop tart, some wheat thins, a couple grapes, some of those goldfish snacks(the snack that smiles back!), a french fry, and two and a half pieces of chicken.

Don't. Ask.

I have to memorize the Star Spangled Banner by tomorrow. And our school's Fight Song by Wednesday. And the march I hadn't practiced at all this summer by Friday. e_e;; And I need to relearn how to breathe.



Jul. 25th, 2007 06:24 pm
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Yeeesh. I'm glad it started before band camp started. :3 Running and everything I don't really care about but it's a thousand times worse when I've got mah period.

So now I'll only have to suffer at least two days of it with period! :D


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