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Ahh, the end of my last Friday of Freedom, for the new school year starts on Monday! \o/

Now, the List for this year. Because I have a lot of bad habits that I want to prevent this year, dangit. And I refuse to succumb to any form of "Senioritis".

1) If I am assigned an essay, I will begin writing it at least 48 hours before the day it is due. There will be no last minute night-before essays where I just barely meet the word requirement.
2) I will strive to hand in every assignement I am given, as complete as I can possibly make it. There will be no more "strategic failing" of assignments, even in the classes that I will have 104% in.
3) I will occasionally change my day-to-day routine and will take different paths to my classes, just for something different.
4) I will attempt to actually be social twice a week and not stay hidden away in my dad's room all year like I have these past three years.
5) Classwork first, then doodles.
6) Homework first, then computer. (This is a Big One.)
7) I will go to bed at least by 10:30PM. I will not stay up until 3AM only to wake up at 6AM. ((Unless I actually become stricken with insomnia, which is really difficult to overcome.))
8) I will attempt to wear a variety of outfits this year. Hopefully I won't just default to "one pair of blue jeans and five t-shirts for every day of the week" like I've been doing for a while.
9) I will visit past teachers from previous years, and/or I will say hello to them whenever I see them.
10) I will strive to remain in high-hopes the entire year. I refuse to succumb to my annual school-related depression. True, it sometimes inspires interesting art from me, but... it is Not Fun At All.
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